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Entries for July, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to use Ubuntu

Top Ten Reasons to use Ubuntu: Now that I am officially “switched”, I will outline the reasons why Ubuntu rises to the top of other Linux variants available. Hardware Recognition: I would have to say that Ubuntu is by far the best Linux variant available today for hardware recognition. I have installed Dapper Drake (the […]

YouTube no more

They blocked YouTube at work today. I really liked that site and can see how it can be addictive. Some people must have overused their welcome…

Thinking ruined my life…

I read this over on Foo’s Blog which Tim sent him and thought it was kinda funny: It started out innocently enough. I began to think at parties now and then – just to loosen up. Inevitably, though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more than just a social thinker. I began […]

Define Irony

How about a president that spearheads an effort to raise the fine for obscenities on the airwaves and then be the first to be punished. News link here

Check out the daily links

Just wanted to tell you that even if I don’t post everyday I do add links everyday. (except maybe weekends) So make sure you visit the site everyday and check the Daily Links section on the bottom right. Lots of good stuff, especially videos.  Now onto your regularly scheduled programming…

Cabins for rent at Lake Tschida

One thing I forgot to mention last night when I was talking about Lake Tschida was www.rocksandhills.com which is the website of the guy we were camping with. Turns out he has a cabin for rent out on the lake as well as some lots for sale. Beautiful cabin and great rates too! If you […]

Camping at Lake Tschida

Friday night I went out to Lake Tschida with the camper. The main reason I went out was to see how the new Duramax pulls. Oh yeah. I bought a Chevy Duramax 2500HD Crew Cab right after the 4th of July when Chevy had 0% interest for 6 years. I really wasn’t going to trade […]

How to get up early

Matthew Stibbe has an interesting write up on how to get up earlier: Alarms. I set my beside alarm for 0600 – and this is the clever psychology – I also set my telephone to ring at 0605 but I put the phone on the other side of the room so that I have to […]

HorsePigCow on Marketing

Tara Hunt lists the Top 10 things Pinko Marketers [regret having] to repeat to some clients: Viral? You may want to take something for that. You want to target teenage girls on MySpace? Have you ever been a teenage girl on MySpace? What do you mean you want to design a social tagging application that […]

A Roo of a story

Our local paper had an interesting article today: Corey Botner, who lives southwest of Bismarck, said he was feeding his pet wallaroo, which is in the kangaroo family, Tuesday night. His new St. Bernard puppy, still a tiny white and brown ball of fur, frightened “Joe,” and the wallaroo pushed through a gate and hopped […]