Yesterday one of my co-workers sent out a link to hamachi, which is a great VPN solution for connecting computers especially if they are behind NAT or on different platforms (ie: Linux to Windows). I told him that I had used hamachi quite a bit and was very happy with the product. Being that I am kind of the oddball at work and am one of the few people to use Linux, this was the answer to my prayers as it allowed me to work from home on my Linux box and “dial” into my Linux box at work. VPN at my company is catered to the Windows side and a lot of Linux features such as SSH and SFTP are blocked, even with VPN.

Then it all changed. Last night I needed a couple of files I had been working on at work to continue on with (I was bored and thought I could get some extra work done as I want to finish this report I’m working on). No dice. When I tried to SFTP my machine at work via hamachi the connection just hung. So I rebooted and tried again. Same thing. Started looking around and noticed that in the list of connected computers to my Hamachi network, my work one had a big X next to it. They blocked it at the firewall at work.

Coincidence or Big Brother watching? It just seems to much of a coincidence to call it just that. Oh well, I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing extra work at home anymore!