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Entries for July, 2007

IT in High Demand

According to this article I’m in high demand. I have lots of experience in all 12 areas. Employers should practically be knocking my door down to hire me right? Only if you live in silicon valley. Here in the Midwest IT folks still get the shaft in the compensation area compared to their valley counterparts. […]

Summer Clean Up!

Once again I am getting rid of some stuff that’s not being used in our house anymore. Items that need to go: Coin operated dart board like the kind you see in bars. Approximately 10-12 years old. Works good. $200 Like new air hockey table. Been played less than 2 hours. $300 Original front and […]

The Worst of Snopes

This was one article I wish Snopes had proven false… Be prepared for gruesome video. Technorati Tags: accident, video, snopes

Texting: The New Email

Over the last few months my text messaging overages on my cell phone bill have risen ever so slightly. But there is no denying it. It is rising. I used to hardly ever text because I have email. Plus I was limited to 100 text messages per month. That was a limit that I was […]

Guitar Hero for Wii

A few months ago I played Guitar Hero at a friends house on their XBox 360. I didn’t expect to be impressed, but I was. It is oddly entertaining. It might have to do with the fact that I enjoy music and like to entertain the idea that if I could only find the time […]

Cop Car Advertisements and Tornado Interviews

Officers in Toledo have started allowing advertising on their cop cars. This decision comes at a time when new cars are needed in an aging fleet and while funding is at a low. You know what? I completely agree with this. I don’t think they should limit it to just a 3 foot by 1 […]

Welcome New Readers!

A huge thanks to Rob who linked my blog over the weekend while I was away on vacation! So now that your here, I suppose I must entertain you! I don’t really have anything exceptionally funny or quirky to recount from the weekend, other than the fact that we fell asleep on the 4th! Actually […]

No More Dryer Sheets

I read somewhere a long time ago that dryer sheets are hard for the dryer. You are supposed to use fabric softener built into the detergent or use an additive in the washer. Then I read the complete opposite of that route, stating the dryer sheets are the way to go. Yeah, I know, flip-flop, […]

Happy 4th of July!

As you are reading this, I am enjoying the afternoon in Driscoll playing mud volleyball! Gotta love post time-stamping! Anyway have a happy and safe 4th of July! Here is a quiz to see if you could pass a citizenship test… Post your scores in the comments

Bill Gates no longer the richest man

I’ve never even heard of this guy before. I guess you just can’t stay on top for long…