Officers in Toledo have started allowing advertising on their cop cars. This decision comes at a time when new cars are needed in an aging fleet and while funding is at a low.

You know what? I completely agree with this.

I don’t think they should limit it to just a 3 foot by 1 foot area on each side though. I say plaster the entire car. As many colors as possible.

How hard can that be to miss while driving down the highway? I mean the lights on top have gotten smaller over the years, some even hidden inside completely. Those coppers are getting harder and harder to spot everyday.

This new advertising method is a win-win for everybody. My tax dollars are not increased to fund new faster cars with fancier equipment that makes it easier to catch me slightly bending the speeding laws. (In optimum road conditions under correct daylight with minimum traffic of course 😉 )

The funny thing though, is that the feedback from residents on the matter has been mostly negative.

What is wrong with you people? Do you like your taxes higher? Do you like cop cars that are harder to spot on the highway? Do you resent the fact that someday a business will sneak a clever advertisement hologram onto the car that when driving down the interstate at 67 mph on a party cloudy day next to a black semi will show the effect of a big floating donut chasing the car instead of vice-versa for once?

I think it is change. Some people just can’t handle it. It cop cars had been decorated with ads since inception and all of a sudden the city wanted to remove them to beautify the cars and increase the taxpayers load to offset the missing revenue, you would have an uproar on your hands. Petitions would be signed. People would picket city hall. Citizens would be on TV with missing teeth describing how the tornado sounded while their underwear blows in the breeze on the clothesline behind them.

Well maybe not the last item. But I’m sure they still have some footage left over from the last tornado the local news crew did interviews on.

Why is it they always pick the guy who has never even been to the supermarket out of his underwear let alone on T.V.? But no, that’s the guy that makes the news. Bib overalls. Missing teeth. Tank top that used to be white but now has barbecue sauce stains down the front mixed with the dirt from the last three summers. Untied shoes. All the while, trying to describe the sound the tornado made while it ripped through his double-wide trailer as his wife picks her nose behind him while holding on to four kids of which three have red hair.

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