Stick it right in their gas tanks that is.

Bush’s widely criticized economic stimulus package will do little more than sustain a way of life just a few months longer.

Many families and single residents on a fixed income do not have room in their already tight budgets for the skyrocketing prices at the pumps. They will have little choice but to use the small token as a means to fill their tanks.

I average about 35 miles a day in travel throughout the month or about 1085 miles a month. Most of this is city driving so at best I average about 15-18 mpg. Usually 15 with the stop-and-go traffic associated with in-town driving.

That equates out to just over 72 gallons of gasoline purchased per month. With the recent $1 plus per gallon hike at the pumps, that comes out to almost $100 more per month to do the same amount of driving.

Bush’s stimulus package will last approximately eight months if gas prices were to freeze today. But they won’t, don’t even get your hopes up. Add another dollar per gallon as most analysts speculate and the “government gift” will last only three months.

And that is just gas. Add the increase in groceries, shipped goods, and other consumer increases and you will be lucky if that check covers two months of the added expenditures of late.

I don’t think this is going to stop any sort of recession, or even delay it. Most of this “stimulus package” will go up in smoke.