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The Downfall of Debit Cards

With more and more people using debit cards exclusively these days, myself included, there comes more problems. I’m starting to see more and more stories of people either being overcharged or having holds placed on their accounts for various reasons. Here are some of the downfalls I’ve seen of using debit versus credit cards: some […]

Raise your gas prices or be fined!

MERRILL, Wis. – A service station that offered discounted gas to senior citizens and people supporting youth sports has been ordered by the state to raise its prices. Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari has been offering senior citizens a 2 cent per gallon price break and discount cards that let sports boosters pay 3 […]

You can sell anything online

Case in Point Technorati Tags: online, e-commerce, sales

Silly kids, 6 figure incomes are not for newbies

Teenagers today think that they are going to make quite a bit of money. The average teenager believes that they will be earning an salary of $145,000 a year. Boys believe that they will be earning a salary of $173,000 per year while girls believe they will be earning $114,000 per year. This despite the […]

Why we are a nation of Debt

NEW YORK – Although it has already taken nearly four decades to get this far in building the Internet, some university researchers with the federal government’s blessing want to scrap all that and start over. Full Link Technorati Tags: internet, news, rebuild, politics

Google Acquires Internet

MAY 12, 2017 – BUSINESSWIRE. Mountain View-based search giant Google Inc today announced they’ve acquired the internet for the astounding sum of $2,455.5 billion in cash. The deal had been rumored in various search blogs since the beginning of the year and was now confirmed by the company’s CEO. “This is in line with our […]

Rent vs Buy

Here is an interesting rent vs buy calculator to decide if buying really is cheaper than renting. Lately I have been wondering with all the updating we have been doing to the house, but I’m hoping to make a nice premium on our renovations. I always thought renting was like throwing your money out the […]

Menu Foods CFO sold shares before anyone knew

Looks like Elron, smells like Elron, must be Elron Mark Wiens sold half of his shares in Menu Foods before the public knew about the contamination. Bad CFO, no treat for you! Technorati Tags: Elron, Menu Foods, CFO, insider trading

Give me my Zune!

John Chow dot Com, a blog that helps you make money on the internet, is giving away a Microsoft Zune. I have been reading John’s blog for a few months now and really enjoy his expertise and knowledge in the online arena. Go over and check it out for tips on ad placement and how […]

Students use Ubuntu also

Yesterday, I volunteered some time to help judge a TSA science fair competition. The category I was judging was website design/creation. I have to say I was amazed at some of the skill sets these kids have developed at such a young age. One thing that I really enjoyed is one group of high schoolers […]