Go here and read this article: It’s a Free Country…

Go ahead, I’ll wait….


I don’t even know where to start.

First off I would guess by the naiveness of the article, that the reporter is under 25. People are no longer opening harmful emails? I have piles of data that suggests otherwise. Let people install whatever they want? What about licensing? We routinely get 3 or 4 cases a month where the user doesn’t even know that P2P downloaded music is illegal, and we want to put them in charge of their machine?

The WSJ has become one of the least credible sources in online news as they try to be “hip” by hiring all these wet-behind-the-ears reporters to spread this BS out to society. Why don’t we just have everyone bring in their own PC and use their own software and when nothing inter-operates just call the fricking helpdesk?

What about security and data retention? Let’s just put all of our company confidential information on 3rd party systems and “hope” they keep it secure. Let’s all use iPhones which aren’t encrypted and have no usable central management to let information flow freely out to the public when they’re stolen.

Sounds like the common denominator in the article is Microsoft software sucks and we should move to something better namely: Google. Yes, Google offers a better user experience, but at what expense? Security? Administration? Governance?

Let’s not start a revolution until we know what we are fighting. The point of the article should be that Microsoft has become the 800 lb gorilla in the room and it’s time we voted with our budgets to find a leaner alternative or force Microsoft to be the nimble player it once was.