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Entries for March, 2006

Six Stroke Hybrid

Bruce Crower, the guy that brought us Crower cams, has found a way to make a six stroke engine, creating a cooling cycle that also creates power. Kinda like a gas-steam engine hybrid. This caught my eye since I’m kinda a motorhead from way back. Technorati Tags: Engine, Crower, Cams, Cycle, Hybrid

Social Grouping is for the Birds

That’s what one spoof site is saying. Isolator is the type of social software I could really get used to. I mean how many of these little “cool networks” do we need? Technorati Tags: Social, Network, Software, Web 2.0

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my birthday. Pretty regular day… I don

Midspot URL New Home

I made the decision on Friday to forward the domain www.midspot.com to this site as this is the site that gets all the action. I apologize to breaking links to the old posts from the last few years but they can be repaired by changing the url from www.midspot.com to site.midspot.com which will remain intact indefinitely. […]

Kristy == Country??

Is it true? Can it be true? Our good friend Kristy is taking a walk on the wild side! In her latest blog post she compares country music to “listening to short stories all day long” and she is starting to enjoy the Country music genre. That kind of reminds me of that old joke “what do […]

Too Old To Drive?

Though motorists older than 70 drive far less frequently than other age groups, they already account for an outsize proportion of fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The death rate per mile traveled for drivers over 85 is four times that of the 30-59 age group. The only group more dangerous than […]

Frank Watson Gives Me Grief

Frank Watson was poking fun at my earlier comparison of myself to the “stoner guy” in the movie 40 Year Old Virgin. Actually I never made this comparison myself, but rather it was pointed out to me by others that had watched the movie before I had a chance to. For the record, I am not that […]

Guy’s Entrepreneurial IQ Test

You scored 70-89%! Guy Kawasaki’s Entrepreneurial IQ Test Brought to you by Tickle Technorati Tags: Guy kawasaki, Entrepreneurial test, Test, Fun

Writely Aquired by Google

Writely was acquired by Google this week. I have used Writely over the last few months and think it is a great application. Definitely the best one out there in its category. This doesn

Origami Out of the Bag

It looks like Origami is out of the bag. They are passing it now as an “Ultra-Mobile PC”. Looks pretty neat but I