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Entries for February, 2007

Exam Grading

I know I’ve had a few teachers that have subscribed to this method of grading over the years… Technorati Tags: school, college, exam, grading, funny, humor

Off to the races…

Big night tonight. It is probably the biggest dart game for us for the season. I’m excited yet worried. Hopefully we do well… powered by performancing firefox

Email the Terrible

I’m convinced email is the worst thing ever invented. I just spent about 5 hours so far this week trying to empty my inbox. In another account I have about a thousand to go. How does it pile up so fast and how do you keep it at a manageable level? powered by performancing firefox

Income Inequality

I just read an article on income inequality and some of the forces driving it. One of the items was two high earners marrying and producing a high income family. In reality I tend to see this a lot. In fact I’m partly guilty of it. My soon-to-be wife and I both do well for […]

Vista upgrade invalidates your XP key

If you choose to purchase an upgrade version of Windows Vista to upgrade XP, you will no longer be able to use that version of XP. Either on another system, or as a dual-boot option. The key will be invalidated, preventing activation. More here Technorati Tags: vista, eula, license, xp, microsoft