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Entries for November, 2007

Ergonomics Done Right

Ever wonder how your office chair should be set up so your back isn’t out of whack all day? Wonder no more

DotNetNuke vs Sharepoint

Through Shaun Walker’s eyes (the creator of DNN) An interesting read, even if it may be biased 😉 Technorati Tags: DNN, DotNetNuke, Sharepoint

The World without Us

Interesting time-line on what would become of our planet if we (humans) vanished…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

Sell your electronic junk

Have an old iPod or game console to unload? Working or not, try BuyMyTronics.com. Prices seem fair, although this time of season eBay may be your best bet…

Black Friday Sales

Once again, we are in the home stretch to Black Friday. Once again, I will be getting up early to brave the cold (and the other shopping idiots) to claim my share of the savings. This year I don’t plan on buying a big screen TV so I can skip the rat race at Best […]

Windows Vista = ME V2

If you haven’t seen the new Apple Get a Mac ad,go and watch it. This is the best one yet. I love the line about “don’t ask what Vista can do for you, but ask what you can buy for Vista.” “If your printer does not work with Vista, buy a new one.” But they […]

What a Weekend

For nothing really planned, except for a DJ gig out in Driscoll on Saturday, the weekend went really fast. It’s amazing how when one needs to, they can can keep theirself occupied… More to come tomorrow…

Plane vs Car

A cool video for your Friday enjoyment

HANS Disclaimer

I now own Hansen Natural Corporation (HANS) stock. They are the makers of the Monster energy drink. After missing last quarter’s targets they had a sharp decrease in stock price, so I figured I could ride them back up as the energy drink market seems to be growing in leaps and bounds…