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Entries for February, 2009

World’s largest snake snacked on crocodiles – Odd News | newslite.tv

Scientists have discovered the remains of the world’s biggest snake which was over 13 metres long and weighed more than 1,140 kilograms. The experts say the monster Boa named Titanoboa was so huge and fearsome it makes modern anacondas and pythons look cuddly by comparison. Living in the swamps of South America 60 million years […]

Is Google Being “Evil”? Plans to Annihilate their Analytics Competition with Ajax? – The Next Web

It appears Google is testing ajax search for Google Search on the US version of the site, great right? No. If this goes ahead, firefox extensions, various tools and virtually every website analytics tool would break. Why? Let us explain… When you search in Google normally you’ll notice the URL’s after you search look something […]