easterHello all. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been busier than ever. I was finally able to wrap up a few tasks this last week so hopefully the posting will become more frequent.

Tandra has been in Minneapolis all weekend with her mother and brother for Easter so I have had some extra time to get some work done. I went out to my parents this afternoon for Easter dinner and took ole Pedro with. The ride down was interesting as he could not sit still and I didn’t entirely trust him in the car but the ride back was a breeze as he jumped into his pet carrier and slept most of the way home. He learned what a cat was today and I don’t think the memory is a fond one. After almost an hour of deliberation he finally got close enough for my sister’s cat to strike him with her paw and that was the end of that for Pedro.

Speaking of my sister, her kid is due any day know. Sounds like they will induce her on Wednesday if there is no kid by then. Works for me then I only have to remember one day for Tandra’s and my nephew’s birthday!