I’m posting the following more for my own benefit and reference than anything else…

Correct syntax for SSH and SFTP on Ubuntu on irregular ports: (replace items in < > with your stuff, without the < >)

ssh -p <port number> <username>@<server name>

SSH to accept socks 5 proxy on port you specify:
ssh -p <port number> <username>@<server name> -D <port to watch>

sftp -oPort=<port number> <username>@<server name>

Forward the X server from your remote box:
ssh -X -p <port number> <username>@<remote computer>

Unless your are a Linux geek or have some remote Linux servers you will probably never use this, but in case you do it sure is handy…

Next week we will dive into how to create a SSH tunnel (shunnel) using your Ubuntu box at home.

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