I’ve done close to the impossible.

On Friday May 11th, I purchases a domain. I set up a site on the domain that evening. I also posted a couple of posts to the new formed blog.

Today (May 14th) I noticed that it was number one on Google search for the two words I wanted it listed for.

No it’s not an obscure word or phrase but rather common. In the IT world anyway. Actually it is the number one result out of 1.4 million results.

The phrase?

I can’t tell you yet, but I will soon. I want to build up the domain with more content before I start targeting traffic to it.

I also took a screen shot that I will post later to prove that in 3 days I went from non-existent to the first search result.

Who said search engine optimization is hard? I’m not guaranteeing that I will stay there for long but I was surprised to see myself there already…

Remember to keep watch for how I done it coming soon…

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