Over the weekend, I cleaned out quite a few of the rss feeds that I read. I was getting close to 200 feeds and the amount of noise was just getting to be too much. Sorry, I’m not Robert Scoble.

So how did I make the cuts?

Easy, I looked through the list and if I couldn’t remember a memorable post from the feed, I deleted it.

It’s actually easier than you think.

I also deleted a few meme type sites and searches I was subscribed to such as netscape and the search term “ubuntu” on digg.

I was getting way to much zealot noise for that term to be helpful in spotting new stuff anymore and besides I have a few Ubuntu feeds that have filled the gap such as Matt Vapor.

Then there are those sites that I look forward to every day, each for their own qualities. Some give me inspiration for new posts and others share their lives which is more interesting than I guess I would think.

So I decided to make a top ten list of the blogs I read that if I had to narrow it down these are the ones I would stay subscribed to. They appear in no particular order:

  1. Lifehacker.com
  2. Violent Acres
  3. Stuffleufagus
  4. John Chow.com
  5. Get Rich Slowly
  6. FiveCentNickel.com
  7. Matt Vapor’s Blog
  8. Frugal for Life
  9. Digg.com
  10. Scott Adams (Dilbert creator)

Please note that I have excluded the blogs of personal friends that I usually visit outside of the feed reader multiple times a day anyway just because… so don’t feel hurt if you didn’t make the list, I still read you!

Also please keep in mind that I am still subscribed to over 150 blogs so I probably didn’t weed you out unless you have been stagnant or are a meme-type site.

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