Last night I attended my first meeting with the Bismarck Mandan Linux Users Group (BisManLUG). I have to admit, I didn’t even know we had a local users group until a couple of days ago.

Top notch stuff. There was a demo on the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet PC that I have been lusting over for quite some time now. With almost full support for any ported gtk+ app, this little unit is the real deal. The resolution was amazing and the battery life was nothing to sneeze at either. The owner said the wi-fi reach was outstanding. This might have to find it’s way into my budget…

Next on the BisManLUG agenda was the InstallFest that is set for this Saturday (September 15th) at the Bismarck Library. I plan on stopping by and seeing some open source installs in action. I always love it when the average person discovers Linux for the first time. I think the install of choice tomorrow is Ubuntu, so bring down your current or old computer and discover what open source is all about!

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