The truth of the matter is most men do not mind providing for their
children and I am willing to bet if they were given a choice in how
their money was spent, they’d probably shell out even more than what
was required. What men have a strong aversion to paying, on the other
hand, is Mother Support. It’s pretty fucking hard not to get
bitter about the $2000 a month you’re paying when your kid shows up for
biweekly visits in a pair of pants that are 2 inches too short and in
desperate need of a haircut…while his Mother is sporting a new pair of
fake boobs.

This one paragraph pretty much says it all. I have to admit I agree. I have friends (and readers) on both side of the fence, but it does usually come down to money being spent wrongly. I like how she pushes the notion of equal custody, which is something that I think should be awarded more often in some cases (of two capable (financially and mentally) parents).

That’s all I’m going to say as to not risk offending any readers…

Go read the rest if you are interested and remember, it’s written by a woman.