At lunch today there was lots of commotion as the fire department and lots of cops showed up for a house fire on Northview Lane (or as it’s known in Bismarck: Christmas Tree Avenue).

Too bad it wasn’t one of the idiots with all the lights, but rather one of the less decorated houses. In fact it wasn’t related to lights or decorations at all but instead a wood burning stove. I’m sure it will be on the news tonight as there really is never anything else to report and the news crews almost beat the firetrucks to the scene…

Anyway, not to sound like a scrooge, but the lights on that street are over and above what anyone should be doing “for the season”. I don’t actually mind that they want to decorate, but it’s all the nosy frigtards that need to drive up and down the street nightly and then turn around in my driveway all night long.

It is actually a problem most nights to leave the house with all the extra traffic.

I bet all those idiots won’t be getting in line to offset the specials charged when road repair is needed prematurely due to all the unnecessary traffic.

Nope, I bet they sit at home on those days…

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