Last week I sold a couple of items on eBay that I acquired on Black Friday. Nothing major, just a couple of GPS units that I bought for a good price and hoped to make a few bucks on.

Well I did make a slight profit, but would I do it again?

Probably not for the slim margins I made.

First of all, the amount of spam questions on a listing has gone up a lot. The last time I sold something on eBay (probably about a year ago), I did not receive any spam. This time I received 14 spam messages (“questions”) on two listings.

The second problem I brought on myself, but was a pain none the less. If you list an item on eBay, do not allow foreign buyers unless you want to spend all day filling out paperwork at the mail carrier. (Although we did find that USPS is a lot easier to ship to foreign countries (Canada) than UPS or FedEx.) I thought that Canada was considered a country with a “friendly” relationship with the US, but apparently not for shipping…

Anyway, now that the whole process is over and the packages are shipped I can offset some of my Christmas costs with the income…

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