Rob La Gesse tagged me for a new meme going around called “4×4?

Four Job’s I’ve Had:

  1. Patio Brick Installer- actually a pretty fun job but the pay was low for the long hours in the sun…
  2. Car Mechanic – how I made ends meet during high school in a small town
  3. Concrete Laborer – I put in basements for new houses one summer. Possibly the best job of my life due to the friendships with the other people on my crew
  4. Systems Administrator – been doing this for way too long!

Four Places I Have Lived:

  1. Center, ND
  2. Steele, ND
  3. Wahpeton, ND
  4. Bismarck, ND

Boy that was depressing!

Four Places I Have Been:

  1. Las Vegas, NV – always a favorite
  2. Toledo, OH – a story for another time
  3. Los Angeles, CA – helped me make up my mind about ever living in LA
  4. Winnipeg, Canada – another great story from years ago.

Four All Time Favorite Musicians

  1. Nickelback – just a good band of late
  2. Blessid Union of Souls – great songs
  3. Metallica – everyone has to have a little hate music!
  4. Randy Travis – just because I can mimic the voice pretty good in the shower!

So now you know a bit more about me :)

Apparently there are a whole bunch of other questions you can pick from:

1. 4 Jobs I’ve had

2. 4 Favorite Foods

3. 4 TV Shows I DVR

4. 4 Movies I could watch Over & Over

5. 4 Places I’ve been

6. 4 Places I’ve lived

7. 4 Places I want to go

8. 4 Music Artists I’m listening to now

9. 4 All Time Favorite Musicians

10. 4 Shows I have been to

11. 4 Cars I have owned

12. 4 Things I have done in the past 4 years

13. 4 web sites I visit daily

14. 4 places Id rather be right now

15. 4 People I think will respond

16. 4 Things I look forward to this year

17. 4 Underrated conversational topics

I think instead of tagging 4 other people, I’m going to take a stab at 4 other questions 4 times total.

I like to be different, but if you want to answer them on your own blog, by all means, go ahead!