Nope, not talking about weight. (Although I could stand to loose a few pounds.) This time I’m talking about my online habits. I spend roughly 18 hours a day connected. I am not interested in spending any more time online so I need to optimize the time I do.

The first to go?

RSS feeds. I’m not tossing them completely but I am going to cut them in half. Right now I am at exactly 200 subscriptions. I figure this takes about an hour a day to go through. I want this down to half that so by January 1, I am dropping 100 feeds.

Next on the list?

Twitter. I already pruned that down to only a handful of people I follow and it’s already way more manageable.

Last on the list?

Email. That’s right, email. Although I can’t control who emails me other than whitelisting every sender, I can reduce the amount of time I spend going through it. That means rules and lots of them. I want to get down to dealing with only 100 new emails a day or less. Right now I average about 600-800 so that will be quite a change.

Let’s see if I can do it!