This may be somewhat “well duh”, but this is how I’ve organized my usage of social networks and “Web 2.0” technology (in no particular order):

Youtube: (username midspot) this is where I post all my public video content which is then aggregated as a wall post in Facebook. I anticipate using this much more now that I have a phone that takes video.

Facebook: this is my “social catch-all”. I aggregate most all of my items here as wall posts and is a collection of mostly friends that I know on a physical basis. Also where I post most of my non-technical musings.

Twitter: (username midspot) this is where my “technical” crowd exists. For the most part I post internet oddities and technical type stuff here. Most of my followers I have never met face-to-face.

Flickr: (username midspot) where I post all my public pictures. ( I also cross post them to another site I built for backup in case flickr disappears) This is also aggregated through Facebook.

This Blog: longer items of interest either I stumble across online or my own personal musings that are too long for Facebook or Twitter. This blog is also aggregated in Facebook.

LinkedIn: strictly business. Is cut off from the other “networks”. I don’t use much as I find it rather dull.

FriendFeed: (username midspot) what I used to create a combination feed of my blog and my twitter updates to aggregate on Facebook since they only allow one RSS feed (from what I can tell).

Feel free to “friend” me on any network, especially now that you know where to find what!

How do you take advantage of Web 2.0 and social network technologies?