Over my lunch hour today I went and looked at a couple of utility trailers that someone had listed on bismanonline (local version of Craigslist). I spoke with him on the phone and asked questions about the shape of the tires and wood, etc. He assured me that all was well and it was in “better than average” shape.

Until I arrived. If I owned these two trailers I would just take them to the landfill rather than try to sell them. That’s how bad of shape they were in. The better than average tires where threadbare and the wood was clearly rotten through in many places.

So, since I was rather torqued about wasting my lunch hour, I decided that karma can be a bitch. I proceded to ask a dozen questions about the trailers and after wasting about 15-20 minutes of his time. I simply turned and walked away, got in my truck and left.

I realize one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, but classifying this as junk would have been the overstatement of the year.