Ever wonder what happens to a society which overspends its way to self-indulgence and luxury? It is very simple, they go bust. The best examples of this today are countries such as Japan, France, Italy, England, and Germany, which are all decaying and rotting cesspools of filth.

The problem with these countries is that it has become so expensive to live there that people cannot afford to have children, so they don’t. Well, this is a big problem for the future of a society. The irony is that these countries don’t care at all. The only reason this is of concern to them is not because the future of their people & culture is threatened, but only because of the impact it will have on their government pension programs

If you look at birth rates of all countries, the lowest birth rates on the planet are Hong Kong, Japan, Germany which is possibly the single most fucked country on the planet, and Italy, which reads like a stroll through a who’s who list of bloated societies whose members lead lifestyles of uncontrollable extravagance and material excess. You can look at the snooty Frenchman, the elegant Italian woman, the Japanese businessman – these people are all endangered species.

Most of the countries which are growing are poor countries – practically all of the top 50 growing countries are in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason is very simple, because it is cheap to live there. Having children is more an investment than a money sink. You don’t put them into school, or day care, you just let them play with the chickens all day long. In Africa, there is no babyGap, little kids are naked until they grow up. By the time they’re about 6, you start putting them to work. If you brought up your children in America the way children are brought up in Africa, you would be called a dirt bag and probably the government would take them away from you. By the time the kids are 15, they’ll move to the city and work in factory, and send most of their earnings back home. This is the future of humanity.

via Frugal Bachelor: The Frugal Shall Inherit the Earth.