Windows/Mac/Linux: Unrevoked3 is a free download for all platform that roots the Droid Incredible and a handful of other HTC Android devices in just a few clicks.

Lots of folks may have just gotten their Droid Incredibles in the mail, but it wasnt a moment too soon: the Droid Incredible has just been rooted, and it couldnt be easier to do. Just download the Unrevoked3 tool, plug in your device and let it run Windows users will want to install the included drivers first. It will give you root permissions and install the popular ClockworkMod recovery image, after which you can install backup managers, custom ROMs, and previously blocked apps that allow you to tether, overclock, and otherwise do anything you want with your phone.

via Unrevoked3 Painlessly Roots the Droid Incredible, Other HTC Android Phones.